The Crane Valley Partnership

Who are we?

The Crane Valley Partnership was established in 2005 and is chaired by the charity Green Corridor.  In April 2013, the Partnership appointed a Development Manager who is employed through Green Corridor.  This appointment was made possible through funding pledged by Thames Water (£400,000) after a serious pollution incident in 2011 that affected the lower parts of the River Crane.

The group started out as the West London Biodiversity Practitioners Group (WLBPG), derived from the partnership that formed during the work on the Hounslow Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP).  They had their first meeting on 13 November 2002, at Heathrow’s Mayfield Farm classroom. The original members included:

  • London Borough of Hounslow
  • London Borough Hillingdon
  • Groundwork Thames Valley
  • Syon Park Estate
  • Thames Water
  • Heathrow Airport Ltd
  • Glendale/British Airways
  • English Nature
  • London Wildlife Trust (LWT)
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)


The main objective of this group was to encourage practical implementation of conservation work across West London.  The group met again in February and July of 2003.  The partnership then evolved to become the River Crane Management Forum (RCMF), which had their first meeting on 15 June 2004.  The members present at this meeting were:

  • Environment Agency (EA)
  • Greater London Authority (GLA)
  • Heathrow Airport Landside Property Services
  • Glendale for Heathrow Airport Landside Property Services (HALPS)
  • London Borough of Hounslow
  • London Wildlife Trust
  • Friends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE)
  • London Borough Hillingdon
  • London Borough Ealing
  • A Rocha
  • WSP for HALPS
  • Penny Anderson Associates


They had a mutual aspiration for joined-up action along the River Crane to improve water quality and biodiversity, as well as promoting the significance of the river corridor as part of the West London Green Chain.  The Forum had another meeting on 20 July 2005, at which point the Crane Valley Partnership (CVP) was established.

The CVP is formed of five London boroughs and public, voluntary and private stakeholders, all working towards a shared vision: for a well-managed and high quality river corridor which is accessible to all, in which wildlife can thrive and local people can take pride and ownership.  The current structure of the Partnership is displayed under Partnership Structure.

Our Mission

To develop a co-ordinated strategic plan that will raise awareness and support appropriate action for conservation, restoration or new approaches to design and management of the river valley.  This strategy will operate across political and geographical boundaries, as part of a regional approach to planning in west London, but will also recognise the local issues of each borough. 

To use our knowledge, expertise and resources to help partners and communities to work together for a coordinated and sustainable approach to managing and improving the River Crane and its tributaries, to include biodiversity, community cohesion, historical and educational opportunities. 

To be the catalyst for improving and protecting the biodiversity of native flora and fauna by contributing to London’s Rivers and Streams Habitat Action Plans and working across boundaries to control pernicious weeds and pests, working in conjunction with each of the partnering borough’s Biodiversity Action Plans. 

To maximise the use of the river corridor as a resource for healthier living and educational activities, to improve quality of life for local people. 

To promote connectivity along the river corridor wherever possible and appropriate.