The Crane Valley Partnership

A Celebration of the Crane's Heritage

We want the history of the Crane catchment to be recognised

The River Crane is steeped in history from its source to its confluence with the Thames. Its historical sites include: Headstone Manor, the Minet Estate (now Minet Country Park), the Cranford Estate (now Cranford Country Park) and Syon House and Gardens, amongst many others.

The River Crane and Duke of Northumberland’s River have been of great industrial importance for centuries. They were once host to numerous watermills responsible for grinding corn and creating products made of calico, flax, copper and linseed. The catchment’s most important industries were connected with the military. These included sword mills in Feltham and most importantly the Gunpowder mills in Bedfont and Hounslow. Many features from this industrial era are still visible on the river today at sites such as Crane Park in Whitton.

We need to prevent the history of the catchment from being lost. We want to encourage more research into local history and heritage. We hope that this will, along with other measures, increase public awareness of the vast array of sites of historical interest in the Crane catchment.

We want heritage sites in the catchment to be restored and brought back to use

We want to ensure that heritage sites in the catchment can be appreciated by people. Sites of historical importance are great for drawing people into the catchment with other interests than just wildlife. Well kept historical landmarks also serve as waypoints for walkers navigating the river and remind us of its former purposes. We want to ensure that heritage sites are accessible and open to the public with appropriate signage. This will enable people to interpret their surroundings and gain a deeper understanding of the catchment. We must also ensure that management works to the river do not destroy, obscure or disrupt heritage sites and that their maintenance is incorporated into management plans.


  • The Crane’s heritage should be recognised.
  • Heritage sites in the catchment should be restored and brought back to use.