The Crane Valley Partnership

Awareness, Access and Appreciation

We want safe and welcoming sites for visitors

We want the open space around the Crane to be an area where you can appreciate nature in safety. We need up to date signs at all sites to inform visitors of their location, interesting wildlife to look out for and local points of interest. We believe that increasing public access to sites will make them safer as opposed to secluded, isolated spots that attract antisocial behaviour and crime. We want to see a continuous River Crane Walk to be created incorporating appropriate sign posting and safe road crossings. We hope that this will give people better access to nature and help to unite the communities in the catchment as well as providing a green transport link to the Rivers Colne and Thames.

We want there to be diverse opportunities to engage with the river

We want to develop and promote formal and informal activities such as angling, riverside walking and exploration. More river users means that there are more eyes on the river. Anglers can be some of the most observant river users and are often the first to notice a decline in fish stocks or river health. River walkers often have an appreciation for nature and are great at reporting the wildlife they observe or antisocial behaviour impacting on others’ enjoyment of the river. Engaging with our green spaces helps us appreciate them more and develop a duty of care towards them.

We want to link the river and its tributaries to local transport networks

Much of the River Crane footpath is already used by people commuting to work or to their neighbouring boroughs. We aim to influence local transport networks, such as Sustrans, to make links to the River Crane Walk. The River Crane Walk should consist of an unrestricted, but sensitively designed and appropriately routed, footpath from the river’s source to its confluence with the Thames. Refuge areas will need to be incorporated into the design of the route to prevent the disturbance of wildlife and fragile habitats.

There should also be appropriate links to the Colne catchment via the Duke of Northumberland’s River. We feel that by giving the river a function as a transport link more people will be able to access it and awareness and appreciation will increase.


  • Safe and welcoming sites for visitors.
  • Diverse opportunities to engage with the river.
  • To link the river and its tributaries to local transport networks.