The Crane Valley Partnership

Collaboration and Engagement

We want better collaboration with all stakeholders

We want to see our partnership working between all stakeholders, particularly between the different local authority departments. We also want to ensure that local working groups are involved in the commissioning and delivery phases of projects.

We want to promote, support and coordinate ‘bottom-up’ volunteer activities and ‘friends’ groups across the catchment. It is important that smaller groups and volunteers are represented in the Crane Valley Partnership and receive the support they need to get projects off the ground or to collaborate with others on existing projects.

The Crane Valley Partnership website will ensure a unified approach to how projects are delivered across the catchment. The website supports this catchment plan and serves as a hub to provide information on the projects that will fulfil our seven objectives. The live project information on the site will highlight areas where collaboration or funding is needed and ensure stakeholders are aware of how each project fits into the ‘bigger picture’ of catchment restoration.

We want to see greater community engagement along the river

We want there to be better promotion of the catchment to residents. This will be implemented through the CVP website and those of partners, better and easier-to-read strategies, such as this plan, and events and activities held along the river. We believe that this will lead to increased involvement and a greater sense of community ownership of the Crane amongst local people. We also want local schools to utilise the river for educational field trips. Not only will this teach kids about the great outdoors, it will ensure that the next generation has an interest in their local rivers.

We want to ensure that landowners are aware and understand their responsibilities along the river. This will hopefully help to solve the issue of land grabbing and land abandonment alongside the river. We want land owners to see themselves as land managers and adopt a duty of care for the space that they own.

We are aware that litter and fly-tipping are a problem in the catchment. We want to ensure that problem litter and fly-tipping sites are regularly cleaned up and these problems are reduced by promoting a greater sense of ownership among residents and businesses.

We want all projects to include community engagement in maintenance/legacy plans

We want ‘friends’ and local working groups to be involved with the delivery of projects including the maintenance of works once they are completed. We want communities to take ownership of areas that have been restored to ensure that they last and can be appreciated for a long time. This should include local groups agreeing on protocols and priorities regarding access to high quality biodiversity and heritage sites. This will help to protect areas enhanced for wildlife or of significant historical value.


  • Better collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Greater community engagement along the river.
  • All projects to include community engagement in maintenance/legacy plans.