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Posted by John Waxman Posted on 2021-05-13

New Urban Wetland Design Guide

A new Urban Wetland Design Guide has been published as a source of reference to anyone engaged in projects of this type.

Society has spent many years burying rivers in culverts or modifying them to convey water as fast as possible from land to sea. This has damaged their ecology through loss of habitat and has not always resolved flooding issues. In addition to loss of habitat, in urban areas, rivers are awash with pollutants from misconnections, roads and many other sources, all bracketed under the term ‘urban diffuse pollution’. We need better strategies for managing flooding and improving water quality in urban areas.

Constructed wetlands are one natural solution to these problems that have the additional benefit of creating essential habitat for wildlife and places for people to relax and access nature - ‘destinations’ within a river catchment. Ian Russell of Enfield Council has been pioneering the creation of wetlands over the past 10 years. With funding from the Greater London Authority, ZSL have worked with Ian to produce the Urban Wetland Design Guide, available here (CVP link). We hope this will be a useful source of reference for CVP partners when developing wetland schemes.

Read the Urban Wetland Design Guide here.

Urban Wetland Design Guide