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Posted by Ilse Steyl Posted on 2014-10-13

Consultation on draft River Basin Management Plan & draft Flood Risk Management Plan

Dear partners and colleagues,

The Environment Agency is seeking your views on proposals to improve the water environment and protect communities from flood risk in England.

We would like your input on updates to river basin management plans and flood risk management plans. Once agreed, these plans will shape decisions, direct investment and action and deliver significant benefits for society and the environment.

River basin management plans set out long term objectives for the quality of the water environment. They identify the condition of rivers, lakes and coastal waters and the pressures on them. The plans provide evidence that will help those with an interest in the water environment to agree where improvements can be made.

Flood risk management plans describe the risk of flooding from rivers, the sea, surface water, groundwater and reservoirs. They set out how the Environment Agency, local councils and water companies will work together, with communities, to manage flood risk.

These links will also explain how to respond to consultations in river basin districts which cross borders with Scotland and Wales.

Further information on the Crane catchment can be downloaded. This additional information should be read alongside the official documents.

The formal closing date for the flood risk management plan consultation is 31 January 2015, while the river basin management plan consultations will run for six months, ending on 10 April 2015.

The Environment Agency is carrying out a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of each plan. The SEA identifies the significant effects that would be associated with implementing the plans. 

We welcome your comments online or in writing.  We will also be holding some national and local engagement events to help inform your responses.

Please encourage others to get involved by including details of the consultations in your regular communications to your staff/members and external networks.

I’d like to thank everyone we are working with to deliver improvements in the water environment and to address the risk of flooding across England. I look forward to continuing to work with others on what more we can achieve together in the future.

Paul Leinster
Chief Executive
Environment Agency