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Posted by Ilse Steyl Posted on 2017-07-06

Mereway Weir Level Test

The tilting weir at Mereway Road in Twickenham is designed to regulate the water level in the lower Duke of Northumberland's River (DNR), keeping the river at an almost constant level. As a result, water flowing down the lower River Crane is controlled as well, resulting in very little water being diverted during dry spells.

The Crane Valley Partnership’s catchment plan highlights the need for ‘Increased and more variable flow throughout the River Crane, Duke of Northumberland’s and Longford Rivers’, to be achieved in part by implementing an ‘improved water level management scheme for the lower River Crane involving all relevant stakeholders’. The impact of the diversion of flows down the DNR on flows in the River Crane is a particular concern.

As part of the Environment Agency's hydrological investigation in support of the partnership’s aims and in recognition of its concerns, the weir was lowered on 18 October 2016 to allow more water to flow down the River Crane. This was done in two stages: a first lowering at 11:00 and a second at 14:00. The weir was then returned to automatic operation at 16:00.

The report discussing the results is now available to download.

Mereway Weir before lowering
Mereway Weir after lowering
Mereway weir from downstream on River Crane before (photo on left) & during test (photo on right)

Mereway Weir before lowering
Mereway Weir after lowering
River Crane near Twickenham station before (photo on left) & during test (photo on right)