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Project LeaderFriends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE)Project PartnersEnvironment AgencyFriends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE)Heathrow Airport LtdLondon Borough of HounslowLondon Borough of RichmondLondon Wildlife Trust Funding SourcesBig Green Fund, Environment Agency, Heathrow Airport Ltd., LB of Hounslow, LB of Richmond, Transport for LondonProject BudgetApproximately £205,000Project TimescaleNovember 2013 - April 2016

Crane Valley Wetland Enhancement

Four sites on the lower Crane have been identified for wetland enhancement (see maps and descriptions below):

The project has already seen multiple benefits and opportunities realised, working with different partners within the CVP. A project evaluation report is available, describing the works completed so far and the resultant outcomes. Work will continue until 2016.

  • Creation of marginal wetland habitat for a variety of species including: water voles, various amphibians, native marginal flora, wetland birds.
  • Providing fish spawning habitat.
  • Creating protected areas from in-river pollution events.
  • Interesting and attractive new areas for local people to visit: note that a number of these sites have not had easy access in the past.  It will be important to balance improved public access with protection of their natural value.
  • Engage local residents in these spaces and ensure they are involved in their development and use.
  • Bring out the historical and environmental value of the sites for local people and visitors.
  • Use the creation and maintenance of these sites as an opportunity for education and training, working with local schools and community groups.
  • Ensuring the long term benefits of these areas will require a maintenance and management plan along with the capacity to deliver this.

Donkey Wood

An area of around 6 ha extending as a corridor of around 100 metres width along the River Crane. It has great environmental and historical value but has suffered from neglect for many years and was little used at the start of the project.

Pevensey Road Nature Reserve

An area of around 10 ha which was designated as a nature reserve over 20 years ago but had suffered from neglect in the last decade and was little used by local people.

Little Park

A narrow strip of land on the opposite side of the river from Pevensey Road Nature Reserve and covering around 2 ha. This area had been essentially abandoned to public use and was neglected with its environmental value compromised by dense vegetation and invasive species.

Mill Road

Part of Crane Park and covering around 6 ha. Around one hectare of this had been effectively cut off from public use by fencing and become overgrown and a litter trap. Other parts were in reasonable condition but with the potential for significant improvement.

Crane Wetland Enhancement Projects - Overview Crane Wetland Enhancement Projects - Overview