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Project LeaderHounslow Borough CouncilProject PartnersCarillionEnvironment AgencyFriends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE)Heathrow Airport LtdLondon Borough of HounslowThe Conservation Volunteers (TCV) Funding SourcesLB Hounslow Section 106 Funding, Heathrow Communities Fund, Big Green Fund, BAA Infrastructure SpendingProject BudgetApproximately £100,000Project Timescale2012 - Spring/Summer 2014

Donkey Woods Northern Wetland SUDS

At the Donkey Wood Nature Reserve, the aim is to extend and improve the area of wet woodland on the right bank above the Baber Bridge.  This project is outlined within the Hounslow Biodiversity Action Plan (HBAP).  The project will aid the delivery of objectives within the HBAP to protect and enhance the ecological value of rivers, streams and associated habitats and species through the on-going protection and enhancements scheme.

The CVP are working to establish greater water flow through the wet woodland by establishing water courses fed from Heathrow's Causeway Reservoir.  This will retain water within the woodland in the drier periods and enhance the biodiversity of the site.  These water courses will also act as a polishing filter for water from the reservoir and as backwaters for fish and other aquatic species.

Alder Carr pollarding by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)