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Project LeaderFORCE & frog environmentalProject PartnersEnvironment AgencyFriends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE)Heathrow Airport LtdThames Water Funding SourcesThames WaterProject Budget£3,000Project TimescaleNovember 2013 - January 2014

River Crane Phosphorus Investigation & Monitoring - Phase 1 (Information Gathering)

Elevated concentrations of the nutrient phosphorus in rivers can lead to excessive growth of plants and algae.  This in turn can have an adverse impact on water quality parameters such as oxygen.  Increased plant and algae can also affect the habitat of the river, impacting on populations of water animals such as invertebrates and fish.

This was the first phase of a three phase project to undertake long-term monitoring of phosphorus levels within the catchment.  The aims of phase one were:

  • Completion of a technical review of all existing water quality data from current and historic sources.
  • Drawing together of all previous work including source apportionment, surrounding land use data and any previous outfall mapping and analysis work.  A gap analysis was also conducted and further data requirements were identified.
  • A methodology for a field based data collection proposal was proposed.
  • The resources required and options for delivery of the methodology was reviewed, including items such as Citizen Science, partnership working, training requirements, lab and fields analysis techniques and MSc projects.

The final report is available for download.

The project received further funding through the Thames Water Fund to continue with Phase 2.  Further information will be available through this website soon.