Smarter Water Catchments

The Crane catchment has been selected as the urban pilot for Thames Water’s Smarter Water Catchments (SWC) initiative. CVP has ‘Key Partner’ status and is involved in the planning and delivery of associated projects.  Building on the well-established ‘catchment based approach’ (CaBA), the initiative seeks to add value by encouraging a wide range of partners to collectively deliver solutions to water and open space management issues that yield multiple benefits across a range of themes. Thames Water’s  Smarter Water Catchments methodology is as follows:

The River Crane Smarter Water Catchment Plan

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During the first year of the initiative (2021/22), various research projects were commissioned to establish an evidence base to inform future action.  The project reports can be found in the Project Archive section of this website. In 2022/23 the Crane Valley Grants Programme was established to help support efforts to protect and enhance the Crane river system and its associated open spaces.