Friends Of the River Crane Environment (FORCE), a community-based CVP Partner organisation, has organised three walks which collectively will cover almost the entire river corridor between Headstone Manor Park in North Harrow and the River Thames at Isleworth.  The walks, supported by the River Crane Smarter Water Catchment inititiative, will be as follows:

Walk 1 Sunday 11th September 2022 – Headstone Manor Park to Yeading Brook Meadows

Walk 2 Sunday 25th September 2022 – Yeadign Brook Meadows to Baber Bridge, North Feltham

Walk 3 Sunday 16th October 2022 – Baber Bridge to the River Thames at Isleworth (with a final stage along the Lower Duke of Northumberland’s River).

The aim of the exercise is to: 

  • continue with the FORCE tradition of walking the length of the river every few years
  • observe what might have changed for the better or worse since the last walk
  • engage with local community stewadship groups along the way who may wish to join for their section or the whole walk
  • provide an opportunity for the Smarter Water Catchments team to see the main spine of the Crane river system 
  • build towards a high value and well known ‘source to Thames’ walk  

The walks will stay as close to the riverside as possible, deviating only where convenient/safe access is not available.  

FORCE trustees will act as the walk leaders and anyone with an interest can join the walking group on one or more of the three stages, although total numbers are likely to be capped at 30. If you are keen to participate in the walk yourself or would like to arrange for members of your local community group to meet the walkers en route as they pass through your ‘patch’, please click here for more information and the latest itinerary details.